Owen’s Halloween Costume – Trick or Treat!

Our son, Owen is still too young to really appreciate what I consider the best holiday of the year, Halloween.  We’re not at the trick-or-treating age yet but we still like to dress him up even if it’s just for our own amusement.

Last year I turned him into a little burrito.  The tortilla was a blanket and then I used real lettuce and american cheese slices.

 I’m pretty sure this might be considered child abuse in some countries but he was incredibly cooperative.  I had to resist the urge to eat him up!


This year, as Owen’s Halloween costume – I dressed him up as a little biker kid.  I found a similar costume on amazon.com for $30 but decided to try and make my own version. I drew tattoos with markers on nylons and a skull with cross bones on a plain white onesie.  I cut a leather vest out of a black trash bag.  Add one bandana and a pair of jeans and voila…..Son’s of Anarchy baby.

I managed to get him to sit still for a millisecond so I could take a few shots.

Happy Halloween from this little rebel without a cause.

We hope your Halloween is as bad to the bone as ours : ))


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Bauer Family Shoot

Last weekend’s session with the Bauer family was great.  They are such a positive and energetic family and it was a lot of fun shooting with them. It also doesn’t hurt that their kids are ridiculously adorable. Can we just take a second to appreciate Finn’s (the son) amazing platinum head of Rod Stewart hair?!  He was such a little ham too.

We shot at a park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as well as a few shots around their general neighborhood.  It was a beautiful, yet slightly chilly fall day but the kids rallied and the sun was shining.  Below are a few shots from our session.